Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (SPARC) is a local voluntary organisation providing support for adults in the Stockport area who suffer from mental health problems.

SPARC website

The centre was set up as a registered charity in 1985. It employs 10 staff and volunteer workers also constitute an important element of the service we provide.

Our service is aimed at adults aged between 18 and 65 years and living in the Stockport area who are experiencing or recovering from mental health problems.

Anyone wishing to become a member of the centre must be receiving support under the Care Programme Approach. Please ring the centre if you need any more details.

We are unable to offer support to individuals whose main problem is drug or alcohol misuse.

We offer a range of social, leisure and educational activities, which take place both inside the centre and in the local community.


1) To reduce the likelihood of relapse by offering support to individuals with mental health needs living in the community or preparing to discharge from hospital.

2) To encourage individuals to feel a valued part of their community based service and activities, and by supporting individuals to make use of local resources.

3) To provide social, leisure, educational and employment opportunities to help overcome the loneliness and isolation often associated with having a mental health problem.

4) To promote the active involvement of members in achieving the above through a combination of: regular members’ meetings and member representation on the Management Committee, and through the provision of an environment of support and acceptance aimed at encouraging individuals to express their needs and interests.


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