SPARC Women’s Group are singing sensations!

2013-05-17 001 008

The Women’s Group singing their hearts out at our recent garden party.

Singing for fun workshops, funded by Awards for All (part of the Big Lottery Fund) have been a big hit with our Women’s Group over the past few months.

Thanks to this funding we were able to bring in community musician Kamey to facilitate some singing workshops for the group.  We had 4 sessions in total and they were all really good fun and interactive.

One of the highlights was that we were able to write our own lyrics to the Women’s Group Blues.  Some of the group members then had the courage to perform this song as part of our Garden party event in front of an audience!  It was all great fun and fit completely within the aims and objectives of the music sessions.

We had great feedback from the participants who have agreed that we can share their thoughts:

Sandra said … ‘It was really good and Kamey was very nice.’
Nicky said … ‘I thought I couldn’t sing but I joined in and had a go.’
Susan said … ‘I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to Kamey coming again in November.’

A huge thank you to everyone involved.



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Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (formerly Stockport Day Centre) is a local voluntary organisation originally founded in 1985 to provide support for adults in the Stockport area who suffer from mental health problems. Website address:
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