Artistic collaboration between Growing Together Project and Stockport College!

Allotment 029An interesting recent development has been a connection between the Growing Together Project and some some graphic design students from Stockport College.

SPARC and the Active Stockport Officer at Stockport College had been looking at ways they could support us to promote outdoor activities to benefit our members. One of the suggestions that came from this was that the Growing Together Project, based at Whitehill Allotments,  would benefit from some promotional items, such as posters and other items.

A team of First year BA (Hons) Graphic Arts & Design students came for a visit with their tutor, Ian Parkin, on Wednesday 10th April. The session gave the students the chance to muck in (literally) with the session, meet the members and hopefully be inspired to come up with some appropriate work. The students interacted really well with staff and members and were professional in how they conducted themselves. The students returned on Wednesday 24th with their design proposals which they presented to the group members and staff. Each proposal was presented in a professional manner and with genuine interest. The designs will be mulled over by the group and the winning design announced.

One of the students involved in the project said …

“The part that stood out the most during the Growing Together Project was exploring my surroundings and creating imagery from what I can find. I did this by experimenting with nature and found materials such as leaves, branches, flowers and scrap paper.

This is something I would never normally do because usually I create computer generated imagery but surprisingly they do look more interesting compared to my previous pieces of work. Maybe this is something I should do more often in the future.”



About sparc4me

Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (formerly Stockport Day Centre) is a local voluntary organisation originally founded in 1985 to provide support for adults in the Stockport area who suffer from mental health problems. Website address:
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