What a fabulous fundraiser!

We’re delighted to report that our sponsored knit-a-thon at the Arden Arms in Stockport last week was a resounding success! 60 adults, a baby & a dog came down throughout the day to support us, and at least 40 people got involved in the knitting. Several people even started learning to knit and contributed to the effort! All through the day people had smiles on their faces and there was a lot of chat & laughter as well as knitting going on. It was a truly socially inclusive day and a week on from the event people are still buzzing about it.


We succeeded in knitting in excess of 60 feet, although all the sections still have to be joined together which is a task in and of itself. Once this has been done we’re going to take the finished article down to the pub for a photo-shoot, and it will later be used to ‘yarn bomb’ an oak tree in our garden to decorate it as part of our summer open day.

As well as all the fun we had, it looks as though the event has raised in excess of £550 for SPARC, which is a marvellous result. Huge thanks go to everyone who joined in on the day, the Arden Arms for looking after us so well, everyone who sponsored us and everyone who donated yarn – Hobbycraft Stockport, Karen & Diane.

It may become an annual event!

Sponsorship can still be made online at http://www.everyclick.com/sparcknit



About sparc4me

Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (formerly Stockport Day Centre) is a local voluntary organisation originally founded in 1985 to provide support for adults in the Stockport area who suffer from mental health problems. Website address: sparc4me.org.uk
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